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“An Irish Pub in France” (sent by a friend)… people honestly fucking hate us for no reason and consistently compare us to animals but I guess “Gypsy” isn’t a racial slur in Europe lmao /sarcasm

^^^^ And, this is a very common thing in Europe.. and very much acceptable there. 

This is why no, witches, you are not “Gypsies”. Unless you are one of the people directly referenced in these signs, you are not one of them. Wearing crystals or reading tarot cards does not make you a member of a marginalised group. Liking nice dresses or using henna does not put you at risk for being shut out of every damn shop in Europe, leading to a total lack of resources, ability to get paying work, and ability to get shelter. 

Dear witchcraft/wicca community,

You do you with your beliefs or whatever, but if you keep referring to yourselves as g*psies, I sincerely hope you have to live your entire lives facing the exact same hardships that marginalized itinerant peoples face a thousand times over.

Go fuck yourselves.