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Hubble was diagnosed with lymphoma last Thursday (May31, 2018). They found that his entire intestinal tract is thickened, his lymph nodes swollen. The prognosis for dogs with lymphoma is poor at best. We are waiting on a biopsy to get scheduled, a 2-3k biopsy that I can’t afford. I am hoping for a miracle for my small space boy. I love him more than life itself, I cannot bear to lose him. Hubble continues to struggle to eat, probably due to the swelling in his intestines. Hopefully we can get him on steroids to reduce the swelling and hopefully encourage him to eat soon. 

Right now I am not thankful for the time we have had, I’m so greedy for more, I want what I was promised, 12 years with the love of my life, my heart and soul. I planned all the things we would do over a lifetime, I did not expect to have to squeeze in every experience, a lifetime of moments in less than a year. 

I’m struggling to juggle caring for Hubble, taking him to appointments, and taking him to do things and caring for the other 3. I wake up in the middle of the night terrified that he’s died in my bed, I check his breathing, his pulse, and cry myself back to sleep. I’m sure I will survive losing him, but I don’t want to, I don’t want to wake up and live without him, missing him. I close my eyes and see his body, the one I have held, loved, watched grow, in a black bag in the vet’s freezer.

His sports medicine vet said do anything he wants, do everything he likes. So I’ve started doing just that. But its not the same, knowing we are doing these things not just for fun but because we won’t be able to, because he won’t be here. Everyone tells me to live for now, for the moment, but its not possible to forget why I have to take Hubs on adventures everyday. 

I could use a little help financially since before we even begin treatment it will be 5k, so if you need photos edited, please let me know. I want Hubble to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible, I want as many days with him as I can. Its really hard for me to ask for help, but Hubble needs it.

For those of you asking, my paypal is

It’s very hard for me to take anything without giving something in return, and this is the only time I will do so. I’m happy to send you guys thank you cards of hubs. I think I can check addresses on paypal if you have an account, but just type it in the notes section for me and make it easier.

I’m really sorry for reblogging this again today, but if any of you have ever done art of Hubble, would you please send it to me? Idc if its small or huge. If you are okay sending it, please contact me for my address. Please guys.