replied to your post “Hey, just wanted to send some love your way. I remember seeing you on…”

omg you were on CS? man, that sends me back, kinda wanna check up on my pets and see if my rares count has gone up any :“)

Yeah! In the end I felt the site as a whole was far too immature for my tastes which is fair considering it’s a petsite that appeals mostly to middle-schoolers, and I’d just been on and off the main site (separate from the forums) since I was in the target demographic and hadn’t walked away as an adult yet. Sometimes I pop my head in the dog thread to check on folks I left behind there but for the most part I just… don’t. The older I get, the less I want to interact with minors that young over the internet. Even me having followers I regularly talk to that are 18-20 I’m always just like YOU’RE SO YOUNG at them.

Ask @thepoodlepack, I probably shout that at her once a day!

he pretends to be mature but he tries to lick me to blackmail me at least once a day

I never said I was mature, just that the site was too immature for me 😛 You were literally just crying over a BTS video so you definitely have zero room to talk

excuse you i haven’t cried today and if i did it would be because of their messaging and lyrics about loving ones self and escaping toxic relationships

also fuck you for outing me, kpop stans do not interact