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1-7 for the ask game ?

1-7 for the ask game ?

I already answered one

2. whats your “type”

I’m too gay to have a type. 

3. do you want kids?


4. if you do, will you adopt or use some other form of child birth?

If I were to have kids, which is not happening, I would adopt

5. describe the cutest date you’ve ever been on

Again, not a date person. One time my ex brought me two large fries instead of one. It was excellent.

6. describe your experience having sex for the first time (were you nervous? or was it easy peasy?)

Was pretty good. Not nervous, it just happened naturally really.

7. are you a morning time gay or night time gay?

I switch constantly. Sometimes I’m both. Right now I’m a night time gay. Why are you asking a bisexual to choose one?

19 & 20 for the gay ask thing

19 & 20 for the gay ask thing

19. video game gay, book gay, or movie gay?

I’m not a book gay anymore. It’s a toss up between the other two and tv shows honestly

20. favourite gay ship (canon or not)


1, 13, 25!

1, 13, 25!

1. describe your idea of a perfect date

I’m not really a date person. I honestly prefer staying in, eating good food (fries), and talking about whatever I or my date is really interested it.

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one?

Wow it’s been a while… that lesbian’s were aggressive I think? I was young.

25. how do you determine if you want to be them or be with someone

ESA question: when I moved into my building, t…

ESA question: when I moved into my building, they told me that support animals were only welcome to those living on the first floor. Is this legal?

A BIG FAT NOPE. Not legal at all, they’re not allowed to restrict you like that.

I like the way my miniture poodle feels before…

I like the way my miniture poodle feels before he needs to be brushed and is near needing to be sent to groomers. We have him cut more of a non-pompom way

um okay

If you had to choose between hearing comments …

If you had to choose between hearing comments about a dogs curls and poodle/doodles(curly coated retrievers), it's eyebrows/fluff(greater swiss mountain dog/berner) or horse comments(great dane) while working a Service Dog everyday(since I work with customers directly especially) what would you choose? Unfortunately what I need doesn't fit a generic looking lab but the benefits still outweigh the annoyance.

They all sound about the same to me. People are just annoying. Go with whatever works for you.

Dbz? You mentioned ridiculously long animes

Dbz? You mentioned ridiculously long animes

my dear friend jaz beat you to it anon

Hello Jade! I’m a new follower and I lov…

Hello Jade! I’m a new follower and I love seeing and reading about your life with the pack. (Apollo is my favorite. 😊) I was just wondering, is it okay for us to reblog pictures of the pack , as long as we link back to you? I know some dogblrs prefer not to have their photos reblogged, so I just wanted to ask first. I hope you have a nice day/night!

Thank you! Yeah, you can reblog my posts whenever you like, just don’t delete my captions. If you’re reposting, well, I’d prefer if you didn’t, make sure you credit me and link back to my tumblr page!

I swear to God you could have a huge, flashing…

I swear to God you could have a huge, flashing, neon sign that says "don't pet this fucking dog, god dammit" and somehow people would still pet it

You’re definitely not wrong. It’s part of the reason I disregard any handlers that try to say all service dog gear should be Professional and not fun. It barely helps anyways.




pfffpfptptp listen you

haven’t heard of it | absolutely never watching | might watch | currently watching | dropped | hated it | meh | a positive okay | liked it | liked it a lot! | loved it | a favorite

No matter my complex relationship with dbz might be, I can never deny it holds a special place in my heart

don’t watch period | drop if not interested within 2-3 episodes | give it a go, could be your thing | 5 star recommendation 

fav characters: Listen we both know I have a thing for edgey anti-heroes with tragic backstories. Bonus if they’ve died. Vegeta is my type.

least fav characters: Master Roshi is the classic perverted man that Japanese shōnen loves so

fav relationship: Vegeta/Bulma exists as one of my few het ships

fav moment: ITS TOO LONG OF AN ANIME FOR THIS. It was really fucking metal when Vegeta ripped the hands off that clown android though.

headcanons/theories: Vegeta’s stronger than Goku now DONT @ ME THERE WAS EVIDENCE IN THE MOVIE AND IN SUPER LAST TIME I CHECKED

unpopular opinion: I’m not in the fandoms enough to know what’s an unpopular opinion and what’s not

how’d you find it: My brother watched it while we were both kids and then I watched it

random thoughts: It was the first anime I ever watched and I know entirely too much about it. All I can say is that it just keeps a special place in my heart. And thinking about it is making me want to rewatch it. Fuck you Jaz