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(its lilwigglebuttthesecond) didn't wanna…

(its lilwigglebuttthesecond) didn't wanna ask in the comment in case you don't wanna talk about it, but what's Fable wearing? His collar, the one with the green light? I'm really curious, I've never seen one like that?

it’s an ecollar, the flashing light means it’s on

from one photographer to another: your photos …

from one photographer to another: your photos are REALLY good. like, i love them so much and i can't wait to see what work you produce the future.

Thank you!

Curious, would you be able to share how Fable …

Curious, would you be able to share how Fable is cut? I'd love to know. (Blade/clipper sizes, etc)

Fable’s topknot is just sissored, his boy is a grown out 7, his feet, face, and base of the tail are all grown out 30s. His tail is a bit of a mess.


HELLO PLS TELL ME YOUR FEELS ABOUT THE MIAMI CUT. Also, why do you hate the mohawk look? Is that not what you were describing or like is it just mohawks

Miami clip is good, cute, and low maintenance, perfect for lazy poodle owners like me. Five out of five stars.

Also okay I want to make something very clear. I have no problem with mohawks. Like, actually mohawks as they were created to be. Meaning on the head and neck, and blending into the back. I’m talking about a dog shaved to the skin and having a strip of at least an inch of hair all the way down it’s back. That is not a mohawk.

What are you favorite poodle cuts? What’…

What are you favorite poodle cuts? What’s the worst poodle cut you’ve ever seen? Also this is kind of a random question lol but what was your favorite childhood tv show?

I didn’t actually watch a lot of tv as a kid so I’m not sure I have one. I watch more cartoons now actually lmao. I’m currently rewatching The Clone Wars.

I really like the German clip. BIG fan of the shaved ear look.

If you’d have asked what clip I hated the most a month or so ago, I would have told you that clip where they leave the face long. It irritates me as a groomer since they just go “puppy clip but the same length all around” and I have to be like okay but that’s not what a puppy clip is but SURE and also I really don’t like long faces. If you give me a dog that isn’t a purebred terrier and don’t explicitly tell me not to shave their face, I’m fucking shaving their face.

So I don’t like that clip, right. But then a month or so ago, I found a horrifying new clip. In which the dog is entirely shaved except a two-three inch strip running from head to tail across their back. It’s fucking awful and I’m ashamed it exists in this universe.

I'm just starting a tumblr and asking off…

I'm just starting a tumblr and asking off anon would probably feel the same to people because my blog is empty and creepy. I follow some dogblr people and you seem neato and I saw the post asking for asks. How did you start your tumblr and dog training? I've been isolated a long time and feel behind and lost in anything other than facebook.

I actually hardly remember how I started my blog. I think I just saw some people who had their entire blogs about their dogs (actually I think it might have been @huskyhuddle) and I was like hey I have two dogs (at the time) and that seems cool so I just… did. I’d had a personal blog for a while before that.

I’d been interested in dog training for a while and I started volunteering for the service dog org that bred Fable when I was… 13, I believe. That’s when I really started getting exposed to more extensive dog training. I’ve still got a lot to learn.

As for how to make friends, like literally just talk to people. Yes, I have social anxiety and yes it is hard, but people here really like to talk about their dogs. You can just start chatting with them. And yes you’ll definitely run into disagreements and maybe some not so nice people, but you’ll also have quite a bit of fun and you’ll get to talk about your dog or dogs in general which is awesome. 

What is your favorite poodle size, and how do …

What is your favorite poodle size, and how do you fell about doodles?

Standards, by far. No hate to toys and minis but I like bigger, more solid dogs.

Doodles, well. To me, I really only see a purpose in breeding doodles for the actual reason they were created: as service dogs. Since they’re typically bigger than poodles, it would make sense for someone who has allergies or an aversion to shedding hair (me!) to want a doodle if they need mobility and don’t want to stress about a poodle getting big enough. Of course, since their hair is sort of a questionmark, it’s not absolutely certain they won’t effect people with allergies, or that they won’t shed. That’s something that needs to be tested after the litter is born.

Other than that, I have to say I don’t see much of a point to them. The traits people seem to want them for are just… poodle traits. People basically want doodles for the non-shedding coat and the smarts of a poodle but with the happiness of a lab or a golden or whatever and like okay but Fable wiggles his entire body when he’s happy to see people and he can easily clear a coffee table with his tail so there you go.

I just don’t really understand them I guess.

I uh assume you like poods

I uh assume you like poods

i mean tea

Borzoi for the rate dog breeds thing

Borzoi for the rate dog breeds thing

Hate | Not my type | ok | Good | Great! | One of my Favorites! | I LOVE THEM!!

I really like looking at them but I’m honestly not overly interested in owning one, even as a dream

Top 5 dog breeds you love but wouldn't wa…

Top 5 dog breeds you love but wouldn't want to own.

90% of shedding breeds